“The more they believe you are that character, the less work they have to do.”


Online Consult

The Online Consult Package is great for someone looking to get some guidance on his or her look and brand. With this package, I will help you identify your onscreen looks by creating a Personalized Lookbook and a Curated Shopping List of Stores, an online style guide and a list of stores made just for you and yours to keep for future reference. These tools will keep you focused on your different brand looks as you put together outfits for auditions or the next time you go shopping.

The Online Consult Package includes:
  • Welcome Questionnaire
  • 45 minute Skype Consultation
  • Personalized Lookbook

Starting Price: $100

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Closet Audit Package

The Closet Audit Package is perfect for the person who is ready to take his or her look and brand to the next level. With this package, I will put together ready-to-wear outfits and even show you how to wear pieces you love in new and different ways in a Private Style Session, a 2-hour in-home wardrobe consultation that will include Outfit Snapshots of your new looks.

The Closet Audit Package includes:
  • The Online Consult
  • 2-hour in-home Private Style Session with Outfit Snapshots
  • Uploaded Images of Your New Outfits

Starting Price: $230

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Shopping Trip Package

The Shopping Trip Package is for the person who is serious about completing his or her wardrobe.  With this package, I will take you on a Focused Shopping Trip to obtain key pieces your wardrobe is lacking or to add specific clothing items that will enhance your brand and look.  This phase is extremely unique for each client as it is based on his or her needs.

Starting Price: $530

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Tunisha’s Pearls of Wisdom

“Will this tie work with this shirt? Is this dress on-brand for me?? Can I wear this hat with these shoes???? What would I wear as this character in this TV show??!!”

Sometimes, in a pinch, all we need is a little bit of wisdom. With this package, the next time you’re shopping or preparing for an audition, you can send in follow-up questions via email, text, or Skype for quick and easy advice.

  • Option A: Email or text your questions. Available in packages of 5 Starting at $50
  • Option B: Mini Online Skype Sessions. Available in 2 half-hour sessions starting at $100
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