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By Emily Brightwell.

While a Justice of the Peace ideas Harlan Westover's loss of life a suicide, whatever smells fishy. Amidst a sea of unanswered questions, the smart Mrs. Jeffries desires to resolve it-and be certain somebody does not level one other "suicide"...

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He laughed. “Oh, I’ve no doubt you’d do very well, Mrs. Jeffries. ” Wiggins drew his heavy coat closed and then reached down and patted Fred on the head. “You doin’ all right, fella? ” Fred wagged his tail and pranced about on the cold foot­ path. Wiggins sighed and looked up at the row of houses on Charter Street opposite Brook Green. So far, no one had so much as stuck their heads out this morning. Cor blimey, he thought, you’d think someone along the street had to do a bit of shopping or something .

Why, obviously this board meeting is pertinent to your case, because, as you’ve just pointed out, Mr. ” “Er, uh, yes, you’re right. He wouldn’t have mentioned it at all if Mrs. ” He nodded sagely. “As a matter of fact, once she did tell me about it, Mr. Horrocks became most unreasonable when I started ask­ ing questions about it. ” He went on to tell Mrs. Jeffries every little detail of his day. In the telling, he became more and more convinced that something was indeed amiss in Harlan Westover’s death.

It was odd, too. He always kept a bit of change in his top drawer, but no matter how often he dipped into it, the pile never seemed to get any smaller. Truth was, it seemed to grow a bit everytime he looked at it. Maybe Mrs. Jeffries Pleads Her Case 35 he ought to mention it to Mrs. Jeffries. But then again, maybe he was just being fanciful. “I’d like that,” Marion’s eyes brightened. “I like buns. We don’t have them much at the Cuthberts’s house. I can’t stay too long, though. ” “Sorry, but I can’t ’elp ya.

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