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By Bo I. Sandén

This e-book assumes familiarity with threads (in a language reminiscent of Ada, C#, or Java) and introduces the entity-life modeling (ELM) layout process for definite varieties of multithreaded software program. ELM specializes in "reactive systems," which continually engage with the matter atmosphere. those "reactive structures" contain embedded platforms, in addition to such interactive structures as cruise controllers and automatic teller machines.Part I covers basics: program-language thread help and country diagramming. those are precious for figuring out ELM and are supplied essentially for reference. half II covers ELM from diversified angles. half III positions ELM relative to different layout methods.

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2005; Fowler, 2004) can capture interactions among small groups of objects without specifying the total order of events (as we must in a sequence diagram). The diagram in Figure 1-3 has two thread objects: arr of class Arrivals and tn of class Teller, and one safe object, w of class Wait-line. I use them throughout the book to highlight thread interaction with safe objects. Figure 1-3 UML communication diagram with two thread objects, arr of class Arrivals and tn of class Teller, and one passive safe object, w of class Wait-line.

We say that a thread is stalled when it‘s waiting for an object lock (Brosgol, 2005). A stalled thread is waiting for another thread to complete a computation. 2)—is necessary when a thread must wait on a condition before performing an operation. We say that a thread blocks on a condition. Thus, a thread that attempts to retrieve an item from a buffer may block if the buffer is empty. The buffer may remain empty indefinitely. Exclusion and condition synchronization are intertwined. Take a buffer object with the safe operations put and get, where a producer thread blocks when the buffer is full and a consumer thread blocks when it‘s empty.

It complicates the wait loop syntax that a thread in the wait set may need to be activated to handle an InterruptedException. This exception is thrown by one thread and caught by another. Unless the exception is propagated to an enclosing scope, we need a construct such as this: while (cond) try {wait( );} catch (InterruptedException e) {/* Take action or ignore exception */} A thread in the wait set that catches an InterruptedException is reactivated, and control is transferred to an exception handler.

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