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The Professionalization of Psychology in Nazi Germany (Cambridge Studies in the History of Psychology)

It's been largely believed that psychology in Germany, confronted with political antipathy and mass emigration of its best minds, withered lower than nationwide Socialism. but within the Professionalization of Psychology in Nazi Germany, Ulfried Geuter tells a notably diversified tale of the way German psychology, instead of disappearing, swiftly grew right into a totally constructed career below the 3rd Reich.

The Oder-Neisse Line: The United States, Poland, and Germany in the Cold War (Contributions to the Study of World History)

Whilst the us and its global warfare II allies met on the Potsdam convention to provisionally determine the Oder-Neisse line as Poland's western border and to recognize the removing of Germans from the realm, they created a debatable chilly battle factor that may no longer be resolved till 1990. American coverage makers all through these a long time studied and analyzed fabrics and reviews to figure out even if the border might be adjusted or famous to advertise the health of Europe and the U.S..

Germany in the Age of Kaiser Wilhelm II

This full of life and concise booklet makes use of a twin method of introduce scholars and non-specialists to Wilhelmine Germany (1888-1918). It surveys social, fiscal, political, cultural and diplomatic advancements in an age of tumultuous upheaval. It additionally explains why historians have so usually reversed the interpretative 'switches' guiding study in this interval.

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Gustav expanded the firm’s program with a broader palette of mineral dyes. When he became familiar with the new coal-tar dyes through customer demand within the sector and was egged on by news of their high regard at the Paris World Exhibition of 1867, he began producing them on his own. Water pollution problems in Stuttgart prompted him to establish a branch plant in Duisburg on the Rhine in 1868, where he manufactured, among other things, vermillion and the highly sought-after nontoxic chromium green.

On Brunck, see especially Glaser, Brunck, and another publication based on that, Saftien, Brunck. See also the obituary by A. N. Witt. Contracts between BASF and Brunck are in BASF UA, C 627/3–10. Glaser, Erlebnisse, 37 ff, 40 ff, 55 ff, 83–4, 87, 91 ff; Schuster, Wissenschaft, 30, 34 ff; Vaupel, Graebe, 158–159, 165 ff. Glaser, Erlebnisse, 54–55; Travis, Rainbow Makers, 184 ff. ”75 Even though the six-year period on the way toward large-scale production of alizarin involved the overcoming of many and considerable hurdles, even the relatively modest amounts of the product that BASF could initially put on the market yielded rich profits, mainly thanks to strong demand and high initial prices.

1. 60 See Schuster, Wissenschaft, 28. On the contract, see Vaupel, Graebe, 147 ff. , 642 ff. The original contracts from 1869/76 are in Urkunden, vol. 1, 38, with copies in BASF UA, I 1101/3. 65 With this relatively early contract, BASF extended its reach for the first time beyond the narrow confines of the German market. At the same time, however, more intensive cooperation with its English partner did not come about. The two firms produced and sold independently of one another. H. 66 The synthesis of madder red constituted a decisive breakthrough for the coal-tar dye industry into the existing dyestuffs market.

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