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By Charles Dickens

The imperative novel from England's so much liked novelist, David Copperfield is the tale of a tender man's adventures on his trip from an unsatisfied and impoverished early life to the invention of his vocation as a profitable writer.

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He held me quite easily with one arm, and I don’t think I was restless usually, but I could not make up my mind to sit in front of him without turning my head sometimes, and looking up in his face. He had that kind of shallow black eye—I want a better word to express an eye that has no depth in it to be looked into—which, when it is abstracted, seems, from some peculiarity of light, to be disfigured, for a moment at a time, by a cast. Several times, when I glanced at him, I observed that appearance with a sort of awe, and wondered what he was thinking about so closely.

Mrs. ” Oh! If that was it, I was quite ready to go. I waited, in the utmost impatience, until my mother came home from Mrs. Grayper’s (for it was that identical neighbour), to ascertain if we could get leave to carry out this great idea. Without being nearly so much surprised as I expected, my mother entered into it readily, and it was all arranged that night, and my board and lodging during the visit were to be paid for. The day soon came for our going. It was such an early day that it came soon, even to me, who was in a fever of expectation, and half afraid that an earthquake or a fiery mountain, or some other great convulsion of nature, might interpose to stop the expedition.

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