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It is this light of grace, beyond philosophy, that is essential for spiritual redemption of the individual in eternal life, and thus for securing the second, final goal of man's happiness. There is no contradiction between what is believed in the Comedy and what is rationalized in Monarchia. The experience of Paradise goes beyond philosophy. Dante's ascent 62 to the stars and the shaking of the mountain convey the acquisition of transhuman justice. They demonstrate the results of the faithful journey through life.

In the teaching of the Monarchia,, the Emperor does not unquestionably lead to the Pope; philosophy does not unquestionably lead to revelation; and reason is not unquestionably ordered to faith. Instead, both sides of each parallel authority are equal. Philosophy works in accordance with revelation; reason is side by side with faith, because men who live according to virtue (these being the cardinal or intellectual virtues) are and must be guided by grace. be a first step toward the attainment of the second goal.

Donald Nicholl, introduction to Monarchy (London: Weidenfeld, 1954), pp. vii-viii. 3 The following critics emphasize a difference in attitude between the treatise and the Comedy and tend to lump the former together with the doctrinal De vulgari and the philosophical Convwio all abandoned for the poem: En'enne Gilson, Dante and Philosophy, translated by David Moore (Gloucester Peter Smith, 1968), pp. 278-279; Bruno Nardi, Saggi di filosofia dantesca (Firenze: La Nuova Italia, 1967), pp. ; J. Goudet, Dante et la politique (Paris: Aubier-Montaigne, 1969), pp.

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