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By Harry A. Wolfson

A vintage examine of 1 of the 1st and so much thorough anti-Aristotelian works.

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In his commentary on Averroes he also uses words to the same effect: "To this we answl"r that his [Rabbi Hasdai'sJ contention is quite right, but Aristotle is addressing himself here to men of intelligence and understanding • • • inasmuch as thou, ,;ho art of sound mind, already knowest . "••• The implication of these passages is quite clear(Crescas is a "perverse fool" and is Jacking in good sense and understanding. There is the note of an odium philosophirftm here which has in it more odium than the proverbial odium theologicum.

IV: n. 8 (p. 534)on Prop. VI; notes4 and 10 (p. 551) on Prop. VIII; n. 5 (p. 605) on Prop. XI; n. 2 (p. 682) on Prop. XIX; n. 5 (p. 697) on Prop. XXIV; n. 6 (p. 700) on Prop. XXV. n In addition to these works there is the entire body of philosophic Hebrew literature extant at the time of Crescas. Whether any of these Hebrew works is mentioned by him or not and whether it is directly used by him in the Or Adonai or not, we have reason to assume that he was acquainted with it and we are therefore justified in drawing upon it for the reconstruction of the historical background of his ideas.

But his rejection is based upon an assumption that the elements must be known whereas an infinite number cannot be known. •• In the second place, the infinite may be conceived to be either a composite body consisting of a finite number of elements one of which is infinite in magnitude, or a simple body consisting of one infinite element. •s Cresl'as, however, contends that an infinite element outside the four elements is not impossible. l, would not have to possess positive qualities of its own.

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