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PETERSEN et al. 56 A comparison of the hydrolysis of X with that of XII shows that the cumulative amounts of norethindrone released are similar. , XII, would be expected to be slower than that from the free oxime due to steric hindrance of the polymer backbone. This indicates that O-acetylation of the oxime causes an enhancement in the rate of hydrolysis of the oximino bond. To prove this, the O-acetyl oxime of norethindrone (XIII) was synthesized as a model compound for XII and its hydrolysis behavior studied.

IMMUNOGENIC AND BIOCOMPATIBILITY STUDIES Various tests were performed using standard techniques to determine possible immunogenic and/or tissue reaction responses to Compound IX. These tests included skin tests, implantation tests, agglutination tests, precipitation tests, Agar diffusion tests, complement fixation tests, passive cutaneous anaphylaxis tests, and tissue reaction tests. Compound IX produced negative or mild responses in all of these studies. VI. CONCLUSIONS Although several studies are still in progress and much work must yet be completed before the value of poly(α-amino acids) as backbones or carriers for the controlled release of drugs can be fully evaluated, it may be concluded that these systems show considerable promise.

3 gm) were accurately weighed and placed in separate glass scintillation vials. 4 ml hydrogen peroxide were added. The mixture was incubated for 6-8 hours at 60°C in a shaking water bath until all the fecal matter was completely solubilized. After the digestion, the vials were cooled for 30 minutes at room temperature before adding 12 ml of ΒΙΟ-FLUOR scintillation cocktail. The vials were then kept in a dark place for at least 24 hours before counting in a Beckman LS 9000 scintillation counter.

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