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Operations are elementwise The NumPy arrays are essentially treated as mathematical functions. This is in particular true for operations. Consider two functions f and g defined on the same domain, and taking real values. e. (fg)(x) := f{x)g{x). Note that this construction is possible for any operation between two functions. For an arbitrary operation defined on two scalars, that we denote here by *, we could define f*8by if*g)(x) := f(x)*g{x). This innocuous remark allows to understand NumPy's stance on operations: all operations are elementwise in arrays.

1). 2 Creating Arrays from Lists The general syntax to create an array is the function array. ], dtype=coraplex) When no type is specified, the type is guessed. The array function chooses the type which allows to store all the specified values. dtype # float V = array([1. 5 # now: array([0, 2, 3]) The same casting happens from complex to float. 1), Python allows a line break when some opening brace or parenthesis is not closed. This allows for a convenient syntax for array creation, that makes it more pleasant to the human eye.

If x>0: print "positive") else: print "nonpositive") Earned after George Boole (1815-1864). 1). It means that you may technically redefine those variables as in True = 2 Of course, you should never do that, even if Python allows it, because it will render your code completely unreadable. 1 Boolean Operators: and, or, not The Boolean operations are performed using the keywords and, or and not in Python. 5, which would make the parentheses in the third line and in the last obsolete. It is a good practice to use them anyway to increase the readability of your code.

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