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By Darrell H. Abney, Laurence Rubin, Donald W. Sibrel

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7101 Here the positive exponents cause the decimal place to be shifted to the right when changing from scientific notation to decimal notation. The negative exponents cause the decimal place to be shifted to the left. The 0 exponent causes no change in the decimal point. Computers use a similar notation for storage of numbers. This exponential notation differs from scientific notation in that there is no nonzero digit to the left of the decimal point. Next we will see some numbers in both scientific and exponential notation using the E notation.

125 6. The following numbers represent 36-bit binary numbers as stored on a Univac computer. Give the decimal representation of each: 58 Chapter 3 / Computer Arithmetic WORK Date Name PROBLEMS Score WORK (a) 010000011100000... (b) 110000010001111... (c) 101111111000111... (d) 010000101111000... 7. 125 8. The following 32-bit words represent numbers as stored on an IBM 360 computer. Give the decimal representation of each: (a) 1011111110100000... (b) 0011111110100000... (c) 1100001011100000... (d) 0100001011100000...

111111 E - 5 7 ) - ( . 1 1 0 1 1 E - 5 5 ) = 60 Chapter 3 / Computer Arithmetic WORK Chapter 3 I. II. If 7=30, K=20, and / = 15, find the result of the following integer arithmetic problems: VI. 00987 Express the following binary numbers in exponential form: (a) V. (b) JIK Express the following decimal numbers in exponential notation: (a) IV. Practice Exam Express 99 using a 16-bit integer representation. (a) J+K III. 625 as a binary number in exponential form. What decimal number would be stored on a Univac computer in the following form?

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