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By C. Beck, G. Benedek

A huge advent and assessment of present interdisciplinary experiences on complexity, this quantity is a perfect start line for scientists and graduate scholars who desire to input the sector. The ebook incorporates a diversified selection of the most recent study paintings no longer present in a unmarried quantity somewhere else. one of the extremely popular members to the amount are the 2004 Boltzmann medalists E G D Cohen and H E Stanley; G Parisi, Boltzmann medalist in 1992 and Dirac medalist in 1999; and various across the world popular specialists, reminiscent of S Abe, F T Arecchi, J-P Bouchaud, A Coniglio, W Ebeling, P Grigolini, R Mantegna, M Paczuski, A Robledo, L Pietronero, A Vespignani, and T Vicsek.

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