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By Martin Adams

In textual content, 'hints' help key parts, for instance, particular calculations in labored examples. transparent, two-colour, labelled illustrations supply additional readability and a visible reduction to knowing. a number of workouts, labored examples and transparent motives with questions and diagrams supply extraordinary studying help. purposes and actions offer extension fabric and extra possibilities for coursework. evaluation and strategy workouts and Consolidation 'A' and 'B' routines offer entire examination perform and direction help.

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E. 1542 Cabrillo explores Cal i fornia coast for Spain Christian crusades arouse European interest in the East 1565 Spanish build fortress at St. Augustine 1295 Marco Polo returns to Europe late 1500s late 1400s Iroquois Confederacy founded, according to Iroquois legend Spain becomes united 1488 Dias rounds southern tip of Africa ca. e. KEY TERMS Canadian Shield (4) Incas (8) Aztecs (8) nation-states (8) Cahokia (10) three-sister farming (10) middlemen (11) caravel (11) plantation (13) Columbian Exchange (15) PEOPLE TO KNOW Tordesillas, Treaty of (17) conquistadores (17) capitalism (17) encomienda (18) noche triste (22) mestizos (22) Acoma, Battle of (23) Popé’s Rebellion (23) Black Legend (24) Ferdinand of Aragon Isabella of Castile Christopher Columbus Francisco Coronado Francisco Pizarro Bartolomé de Las Casas Hernán Cortés Malinche (Doña Marina) Moctezuma Giovanni Caboto (John Cabot) Robert de La Salle Father Junipero Serra To Learn More Mark A.

2). Throughout the continent to the north and east of the land of the Pueblos, social life was less elaborately developed—indeed “societies” in the modern sense of the word scarcely existed. No dense concentrations of population or complex nation-states comparable to the Aztec empire existed in North America outside of Mexico at the time of the Europeans’ arrival—one of the reasons for the relative ease with which the European colonizers subdued the native North Americans. The Mound Builders of the Ohio River valley, the Mississippian culture of the lower Midwest, and the desert-dwelling Anasazi peoples of the Southwest did ESKIMO ESKIMO tic Arc rcle Ci YUPIK 160°W ALEUT 40°W DOGRIB ARCTIC YELLOWKNIFE °N 60 INUIT TLINGIT Hudson Bay CHIPEWYA 140°W SUBARCTIC HAIDA NORTHWEST COAST CREE CREE CREE MONTAGNAIS CREE OJIBWA CREE BLACKFEET MICMAC P L ATEAU MAKAH OJIBWA ASSINIBOINE Great ALGONQUIN C ABENAKI CHINOOK olum SPOKANE issouri R.

This map bears a recognizable resemblance to modern mapmakers’ renderings of the American continents, but it also contains gross geographic inaccuracies (note the location of Japan—Zipangri—relative to the North American west coast) as well as telling commentaries on what sixteenth-century Europeans found remarkable (note the Land of Giants—Regio Gigantum—and the indication of cannibals— Canibali—in present-day Argentina and Brazil, respectively). What further clues to the European mentality of the time does the map offer?

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