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By Sally Dawson, Rabindra N Mohapatra

“The caliber of the contributions is very commendable and a tribute to the editors . . . The insurance is educative, informative and stimulating . . . those complaints provide necessary, transparent insights: actually a window upon the positive factors and workings of our thought-provoking, advanced, ever-fascinating actual Universe.” modern Physics This publication is a set of theoretical complex summer season institute lectures through global specialists within the box of collider physics and neutrinos, the 2 frontier components of particle physics this present day. it really is geared toward graduate scholars and starting researchers, and as such, offers many pedagogical info now not quite often to be had in commonplace convention complaints.

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1. 1. 1) e2M πR − 1 where the normalization is over 0 ≤ y ≤ 2πR (even though the physical domain is from y = 0 to y = πR). 2) −1 Note the opposite sign of M in the LH versus RH zero-mode profiles [following from Eqs. 21)]. Assuming that the SM Higgs field is localized at y = πR, we see that we need M < 0 (> 0) for LH (RH) fermion to obtain small fermion wavefunction at the location of the Higgs and hence small 4D Yukawa couplings for light fermions (1st and 2nd generations). So, we can neglect e±M πR compared to 1 wherever appropriate.

The crucial point is that the May 1, 2008 15:7 World Scientific Review Volume - 9in x 6in ch1 Extra Dimensions 27 global symmetry of the Higgs potential is enhanced compared to the gauged SU (2)L symmetry. 67) breaks the global SO(4) symmetry of the Higgs sector (in isolation) to SO(3) – the gauged SU (2)L symmetry is broken in this process so that the WiL gauge bosons acquire masses. The unbroken SO(3) symmetry (which is global) is isomorphic to an SU (2) – clearly this unbroken SU (2) is the diagonal subgroup of the 2 original SU (2)’s and is often called custodial isospin.

The WL 3 − B (0) May 1, 2008 15:7 World Scientific Review Volume - 9in x 6in Kaustubh Agashe 28 (0) (n) mixing. To repeat, WL 3 − WL 3 mixing does have a counterpart in the (0) charged sector. Moreover, WL 3 − B (n) mass term ∼ gW (0) g5 × fn (πR)v 2 ∼ gW (0) gB (0) v 2 r/R so that this effect is enhanced for large brane terms! 3. Custodial Isospin Symmetry in 5D It is clear that we need extra charged KK modes to partner B (n) if we wish to suppress ∆ρ. We can achieve this goal by promoting the hypercharge gauge boson to be a triplet.

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