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By Wen-Te Liao

Novel coherent mild resources reminiscent of x-ray free-electron lasers open fascinating clients for the interplay of sunshine with nuclei. The thesis "Coherent regulate of Nuclei and X-rays" covers this still-developing box and proposes, in a bold try to revolutionize nuclear physics, 3 cutting edge schemes for taming nuclei utilizing coherent results. The theoretical explorations, which tackle keep an eye on of nuclear quantum states, a nuclear reminiscence for unmarried photons in destiny photonic circuits, and optimized strategies for a nuclear clock, utilize new techniques on the borderline among nuclear physics and quantum dynamics. the result's a good written paintings, outstanding in its stimulating type and promising ideas.

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We investigate first the efficiency of NCPT for nuclear three-level systems that do not present a metastable state. 3. The choice of nuclei is related to nuclear data availability and the lifetime values of state |3 required by the two parameter regimes (i) and (ii). The optimal set of laser parameters is obtained by a careful analysis of the dependence between pump peak intensity I p and pulse delay τ p − τ S . A negative time delay corresponds to the π-pulse population transfer regime, while a positive one stands for STIRAP.

12) Here we have expressed the nuclear multipole moment with the help of the reduced transition probabilities B(ε/μ L) introduced in Sect. 1 following the approach developed in Sect. 1 and Ref. [22]. This allows for a unified treatment of the laser-nucleus interaction for both dipole-allowed (E1) and dipole-forbidden nuclear transitions. All the laser quantities have been transformed in Eq. 12) into the nuclear rest frame, leading to • • • • the angular frequency γ(1 + β cos θ)ω p(S) , bandwidth γ(1 + β cos θ) p(S) , pulse duration T p(S) /(γ(1 + β cos θ)), laser peak intensity γ 2 (1 + β cos θ)2 I p(S) .

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