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Chapter 1 Chairman's commencing comments (pages 1–2): E. C. Amoroso
Chapter 2 Organ tradition stories of Foetal Rat Reproductive Tracts (pages 3–17): Dorothy rate and Richard Pannabecker
Chapter three The Age consider a few Prenatal Endocrine occasions (pages 18–30): Alfred Jost
Chapter four The Regenerative capability of Ovarian Tissue (pages 31–58): S. Zuckerman
Chapter five The historical past and destiny of Redundant Follicles (pages 59–68): P. C. Williams
Chapter 6 The Corpus Luteum of the Guinea Pig (pages 69–85): I. W. Rowlands
Chapter 7 Observations at the Cytomorphosis of the Germinal and Interstitial Cells of the Human Testis (pages 86–99): Don W. Fawcett and Mario H. Burgos
Chapter eight Mitochondrial adjustments in numerous Physiological States (pages 100–104): Edward W. Dempsey
Chapter nine Morphological features of aging within the Placenta (pages 105–117): George B. Wislocki
Chapter 10 Chronological alterations in Placental functionality (pages 118–128): A. St. G. Huggett
Chapter eleven Biochemical facts of growing older within the Placenta (pages 129–147): Claude A. Villee
Chapter 12 Uptake of Radio?Potassium (42K) through the Uterus and Placenta throughout the development of being pregnant within the Rat and the Goat (pages 148–160): R. J. Harrison and J. L. D'Silva
Chapter thirteen transformations within the Foetal improvement of the Rat After management of progress Hormone or Cortisone to the mummy (pages 161–175): Herbert Tuchmann?Duplessis and Lucette Mercier?Parot
Chapter 14 the expansion Cycle of Deer Antlers (pages 176–187): George B. Wislocki
Chapter 15 growing old of the Axillary Apocrine Sweat Glands within the Human girl (pages 188–201): William Montagna
Chapter sixteen The Metabolism of Senescent Leaves (pages 202–214): E. W. Yemm
Chapter 17 The actual Instability of Human crimson Blood Cells and its attainable significance of their Senescence (pages 215–232): J. E. Lovelock
Chapter 18 getting old in Human pink Cells (pages 233–256): P. L. Mollison

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This work is based on oocyte counts of fourteen immature (representing ten animals) and seven mature ovaries (representing four animals). The time taken for a follicle to become atretic was estimated from experiments on three young adult monkeys which were irradiated with 1200 R (600 R on two successive days) between the 19th and 22nd day of the menstrual cycle, and ovariectomized 7, 10 and 14 days later respectively. Oocytes surrounded by more than one layer of cuboidal cells were not present after 7 days, and after 14 days the only oocytes present were those surrounded by one layer of epithelial cells.

I n recent unpublished observations, I noticed that cortisone injected into the abdominal cavity of rat foetuses (1-3 mg. per foetus) produced cleft 18 AGEFACTOR IN SOMEPRENATAL ENDOCRINE EVENTS19 palates only if given before day sixteen (this effect of cortisone was discovered on mice by Fraser and Fainstat, 1951). In such cases the response of the foetal organism to the same treatment is strictly correlated with its developmental age. In the normal developing foetus, variations in the response of the same target organ t o the same endocrine gland may also occur according to the age.

Toy. B, 80, 263. MOORE,C. R. Amer. J . , 76, 1. TURNER, C. J . e q . , 83, 1. DISCUSSION Amoroso: It is evident from Professor Jost’s account that the effects of decapitation of the foetus are many and varied, and that by utilizing this technique-so familiar in his country-he has contributed much to our understanding of the endocrine climate of the foetus. He has raised a number of interesting points, not the least important of which is the self-perpetuating nature of the urogenital system in the absence of the testes after a certain stage in development has been reached.

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