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By G.S. et al. DAWES

Chapter 1 creation: A ancient viewpoint (pages 1–4): G. S. Dawes
Chapter 2 Parturition within the Sheep (pages 5–30): G. C. Liggins, R. J. Fairclough, Susan A. Grieves, Christine S. Forster and B. S. Knox
Chapter three Dilatation of the Uterine Cervix (pages 31–47): R. J. Fitzpatrick
Chapter four The Fetal function in Timing the Initiation of Parturition within the Goat (pages 49–72): W. B. Currie and G. D. Thorburn
Chapter five The function and rules of Corticotropin within the Fetal Sheep (pages 73–105): P. W. Nathanielsz, P. M. B. Jack, E. J. Krane, A. L. Thomas, S. Ratter and L. H. Rees
Chapter 6 Endocrine Relationships in the course of overdue Gestation and Parturition within the Cow (pages 107–125): B. Hoffmann, W.C. Wagner, E. Rattenberger and J. Schmidt
Chapter 7 Progesterone and Oestrogen in being pregnant and Parturition: Comparative facets and Hierarchical keep watch over (pages 127–157): R. B. Heap, A. okay. A. Galil, F. A. Harrison, G. Jenkin and J. S. Perry
Chapter eight The ‘See?Saw’ concept of Parturition (pages 159–210): Arpad I. Csapo
Chapter nine Fetal and Maternal Endocrine adjustments while pregnant and Parturition within the Rhesus Monkey (pages 211–233): John R. G. Challis, Jeffrey S. Robinson and Geoffrey D. Thorburn
Chapter 10 Endocrine legislation of Fetal improvement and its Relation to Parturition within the Rhesus Monkey (pages 235–257): George W. Kittinger
Chapter eleven Endocrine and Pharmacological elements which effect the Onset of Labour in Rhesus Monkeys (pages 259–295): Miles J. Novy
Chapter 12 The position of Prostaglandins in Parturition, with distinctive connection with the Rat (pages 297–318): Roderick J. Flower
Chapter thirteen keep watch over of Uterine Contractility through Cyclic AMP?Dependent Protein Kinase (pages 319–341): J. Frederick Krall and Stanley G. Korenman
Chapter 14 Human Decidua and Uterine Contractility (pages 343–358): Bjorn Gustavii
Chapter 15 The Fetal Hypothalamus and Pituitary within the Initiation of Labour (pages 359–378): T. Chard, R. E. Silman and L.H. Rees
Chapter sixteen The effect of the Fetal Hypothalamus and Pituitary at the Onset and process Parturition (pages 379–400): D. F. Swaab, okay. Boer and W. J. Honnebier
Chapter 17 Fetal Cortisol and the Initiation of Labour within the Human (pages 401–426): Gerhard Gennser, Sten Ohrlander and Peter Eneroth
Chapter 18 Human Parturition (pages 427–472): A. C. Turnbull, Anne B. M. Anderson, A. P. F. Flint, J. Y. Jeremy, M. J. N. C. Keirse and M. D. Mitchell

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Ann. N . Y. Acad. Sci. , KNIFTON, A. R. (1975) Prostaglandin F and progesterone levels in surgically aborted goats. Int. Res. Commun. Systems Med. Sci. N. (1947) The fibrous nature of the human cervix. Am. J . Gynecol. C. & RODDICK,J. W. (1960) Connective tissue changes incident to cervical effacement. Am. J. Obster. Gynecol. 80, 939-945 DANFORTH, D . N . C. & MANALO, P. (1974) The effect of pregnancy and labor on the human cervix: changes in collagen, glycoproteins and glycosaminoglycans. Am. J.

As this has a seasonal incidence you may have been unlucky. DILATATION OF THE UTERINE CERVIX 43 Fitzpatrick: No; the whole cervix remains undilated, not just one band as in ringwomb. Gennser: Dr Liggins, in your paper on a patient with deficient placental sulphatase activity and, consequently, low oestrogen concentrations (France et a/. 1973), you reported that her cervix at term was undilated and firm. D o you think that high oestrogen concentrations are a prerequisite for softening of the cervix and disappearance of its collagen?

She did not go into labour until a week before term and was admitted apparently in early labour but with a thin, 6 cm dilated cervix-she delivered one hour after admission. A case like that certainly makes it difficult to define the onset of labour in human pregnancy from the dilatation and effacement of the cervix. Dawes: What is the usual situation? Anderson: We did a study in Aberdeen some years ago where we serially examined the cervix throughout pregnancy in a large number of young primigravidae (Anderson & Turnbull 1969).

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