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Chapter 1 creation (pages 1–2):
Chapter 2 Preventive medication: The targets (pages 3–21): Richard Doll
Chapter three the price of Prevention: financial features (pages 22–37): Bengt Jonsson
Chapter four The impression of latest tools of Gene research on Screening for Genetic sickness (pages 38–54): D. J. Weatherall
Chapter five advantages, dangers and prices of Immunization Programmes (pages 55–68): Jeffrey P. Koplan
Chapter 6 Screening in Adults (pages 69–87): T. W. Meade
Chapter 7 Screening for melanoma in Adults (pages 88–109): David M. Eddy
Chapter eight a number of probability issue Intervention in heart illness (pages 110–125): Ingvar Hjermann
Chapter nine regulate of Tobacco?Related disorder (pages 126–142): Richard Peto
Chapter 10 Screening and Intervention for Alcohol?Related affliction in Middle?Aged males: The Malmo Preventive Programme (pages 143–163): Bo Petersson, Hans Kristenson, Erik Trell and Bertil Hood
Chapter eleven the worth of actual health in Preventive medication (pages 164–182): Roy J. Shephard
Chapter 12 position of managed Trials in comparing Preventive medication techniques (pages 183–202): Geoffrey Rose
Chapter thirteen concerns within the layout of destiny Preventive medication experiences (pages 203–217): Louise B. Russell
Chapter 14 Will ailment Prevention Spare the scientific Commons? (pages 218–245): Howard H. Hiatt and Milton C. Weinstein
Chapter 15 Chairman's remaining comments (pages 245–247): A.G. Shaper

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With this in mind, we can use most of the concepts, theories and methods developed for the economic analysis of investment decisions for studies of the value of preventive medicine. The production function and technological uncertainty To be able to analyse an investment decision we have to know the ‘production function’. The production function shows the technical relation between use of resources and output. Fig. 1 shows a graphical illustration of a production function. We assume that both input (resources) and output (health) can be aggregated to a single indicator.

Until recently the high mortality rates TABLE 3 Racial differences in frequency of genetic diseases Disease Race Frequency1 100000 births Porphyria variegata South African (white) Caucasians (general) Tasmania Japan Yupik Eskimos N. Americans N . Europeans Afro-Americans, Orientals Ashkenazi Jews Sephardi Jews, Gentiles Mediterraneans, Orientals N . Europeans Africans N. 3 100&2000 Rare 1000-2000 Rare Huntington’s chorea Adrenogenital syndrome Cystic fibrosis Tay-Sachs disease Thalassaemia Sickle cell anaemia in the neonatal period and early childhood from infection and malnutrition masked the existence of these genetic anaemias.

Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts Kr London DISCUSSION Shaper: There is the assumption in much of what Dr Jonsson says that we, as medical administrators, behave in a rational way, that we plan for prevention, that we carry out cost-benefit calculations and that we then take action and evaluate the results. But I suspect that we don’t do this. We tend to look backwards and wonder what happened, what it cost us and whether it was worth it, rather than looking forwards in our planning.

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