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By E.; Ranken, Rev. C. E. Freeborough

Chess Openings, historical and glossy: revised and corrected as much as the current time from the simplest experts by way of E. Freeborough and Rev. C. E. Ranken. moment variation, 1897.

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3) Dr. Schmidt's 6 KtxP, PxKt; 7 BxKtch, PxB; 8 Q-R5ch, K-Q2; If 5 B-QKt5, PxKP; 11 Q-B5ch, K-K2 drawn by perpetual 10 Q-Kt5ch, K-Q2 9 Q-B5ch, K-K2 10 P x P, Q-Q4 KK2 9 B-Kt5ch, Kt-B3 11 B-R4, B-R3 and check or 8 If 4 (2) 8KtxKP,BxKt; ; 1 ; . the Pawn QB3 ; is a disadvantage to White. Mr. Fraser continues by 14 Q-QB4ch (5) Or 6 7 Q-Kt3, P-B3. B-Q2 PxP The Handbuch plays 8 . , ; ; , (4) (6) is at ; . ; ; . , 15BxP-f. K-Q2; ; . , 9 ; KtxP, P-Q4! 10B-K2+. ,Q-Q2 given by Mr. Ranken. (7) 7 ... 8 B-B4; BxP; 9 Kt-Kt3, KtxKP, B-K2; 10 B-Q3.

Messrs. Goldschmidt and Esling was continued 8 B-Kt5ch, B KP ? 10 B-QB4, P-K6. ) Bishop P x Pch ; 13 K-Rsq, B-Kt3 ; 14 B-KKt5, Q-Kt3 ; 15 x P, Kt-Q2 ; 16 Q x Ktch and mates in four more moves. ; : ; ; ; R It transposes (7) Mr. Ranken notes that he has tried 4 B-QB4 advantageously. the opening into the Centre Gambit, in which the position is reached by 1 P-K4, P-K4; 2 P-Q4, PxP; 3 Kt-KB3, P-Q3; 4 B-QB4, Kt-KB3 or B-K2. 6 Q-Q2, Kt-B3 7 B-Q3, B-K2 (8) White may also play 5 B-KB4, Kt-QB3 5 B-K3 results in a similar position, with the recom8 Kt-B3, O-O; 9 0-0-0 + mendation that it does not prevent the subsequent advance of the KBP in this For variations arising through case Steinitz prefers 7 Kt-B3, to avoid exchanges.

80 SECTION III. THE QUEEN'S PAWN COUNTER GAMBIT, P-K4, P-K4; 2 Kt-KB8, P-Q4. defence is a combination of a counter attack with a development For this releasing the second -player's Queen's Bishop. , P-KB4 as is subsequently shown in Philidor's Defence, in which the two lines of play are opposed to each other. In the position on the diagram, if the first player replies to Black's second move by taking the King's Pawn he may have a difficult game (Col. 5). It "is better for him to keep his attack on the King's Pawn and take the Queen's Pawn, by which course he gains time.

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