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By Tim F. Liebert, Thomas J. Heinze, and Kevin J. Edgar (Eds.)

content material: CONTENTS; methods FOR THE DISSOLUTION OF CELLULOSE; 1. Cellulose Solvents - outstanding heritage, shiny destiny; TIM LIEBERT; 2. layout of Polar Ionic beverages To Solubilize Cellulose with out Heating; YUKINOBU FUKAYA, KENSAKU HAYASHI, SEUNG SEOB KIM AND HIROYUKI OHNO; three. Advances in Aqueous Cellulose Solvents; ANG LUE AND LINA ZHANG; four. Molten Inorganic Salts as response Medium for Cellulose; S. FISCHER AND okay. THUMMLER; five. Dimethyl Sulfoxide and Ammonium Fluorides - Novel Cellulose Solvents; THOMAS HEINZE AND SARAH KOHLER; interplay OF SOLVENTS WITH CELLULOSE; 6. Hydrogen Bond Acceptor homes of Ionic beverages and Their impact on Cellulose Solubility; M. SELLIN, B. ONDRUSCHKA AND A. STARK; 7. at the particular Behaviour of local Cellulose Fibers upon Dissolution; N. LE MOIGNE AND P. NAVARD; eight. part Reactions within the method Cellulose/1-Alkyl-3-methyl-imidazolium Ionic Liquid; MICHAEL SCHREMS, GERALD EBNER, FALK LIEBNER, ERNST BECKER, ANTJE POTTHAST AND THOMAS ROSENAU; nine. Cellulose Solubility: Dissolution and research of "Problematic" Cellulose Pulps within the Solvent method DMAc/LiCl; UTE HENNIGES, SONJA SCHIEHSER, THOMAS ROSENAU AND ANTJE POTTHAST; 10. comparability of Solution-State homes of Cellulose Dissolved in NaOH/Water and in Ionic Liquid (EMIMAc); T. BUDTOVA, M. EGAL, R. GAVILLON, M. GERICKE, T. HEINZE, T. LIEBERT, C. ROY, okay. SCHLUFTER AND P. NAVARD; eleven. points of the interplay of local and artificial Polymers with Direct Dissolving beverages; B. KOSAN, okay. SCHWIKAL, S. HESSE-ERTELT, A. NECHWATAL, F. HERMANUTZ AND F. MEISTER; 12. impact of Enzymatic therapy on Solubility of Cellulose in 7.6%NaOH-Water and Ionic Liquid; PETER ROSENBERG, TATIANA BUDTOVA, MONIKA ROM AND PEDRO FARDIM; ameliorations OF CELLULOSE utilizing SOLVENTS; thirteen. Non-Halide Ionic drinks for Solvation, Extraction, and Processing of Cellulosic fabrics; MICHAEL HUMMEL, GERHARD LAUS, ALEXANDER SCHWARZLER, GINO BENTIVOGLIO, EGON RUBATSCHER, HOLGER KOPACKA, KLAUS WURST, VOLKER KAHLENBERG, THOMAS GELBRICH, ULRICH J. GRIESSER, THOMAS RODER, HEDDA okay. WEBER,; HERWIG SCHOTTENBERGER AND HERBERT SIXTA; 14. homes of Cellulose/TiO2 Fibers Processed from Ionic drinks; MIRELA L. MAXIM, NING solar, RICHARD P. SWATLOSKI, MUSTAFIZUR RAHMAN, ADAM G. HARLAND, ANWARUL HAQUE, SCOTT okay. SPEAR, DANIEL T. DALY AND ROBIN D. ROGERS; 15. Novel Cellulose items ready by means of Homogeneous Functionalization of Cellulose in Ionic drinks; SUSANN DORN, MICHAEL SCHOBITZ, KERSTIN SCHLUFTER AND THOMAS HEINZE; sixteen. Dissolution of Cellulose in Ionic beverages and Its software for Cellulose Processing and amendment; LIU CHUANFU, solar RUNCANG, ZHANG AIPING AND LI WEIYING; 17. Imidazolium dependent Ionic beverages as Solvents for Cellulose Chemistry; JURGEN VITZ, TINA ERDMENGER AND ULRICH S. SCHUBERT; 18. Structure-Property dating of Cellulose Ethers - impression of the bogus Pathway on Cyanoethylation; B. VOLKERT, W. WAGENKNECHT AND M. MAI; 19. possibilities with wooden Dissolved in Ionic beverages; HAIBO XIE, ILKKA KILPELAINEN, ALISTAIR KING, TIMO LESKINEN, PAULA JARVI AND DIMITRIS S. ARGYROPOULOS; 20. Advances in Cellulose Solvent- and natural Solvent-Based Lignocellulose Fractionation (COSLIF); Y.-H. PERCIVAL ZHANG, ZHIGUANG ZHU, JOE ROLLIN AND NOPPADON SATHITSUKSANOH; INDEXES; writer INDEX; topic INDEX

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