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By K. Futatsugi

This publication comprises chosen papers at the language, functions, and environments of CafeOBJ, that's a state-of -the-art algebraic specification language. The authors are audio system at a workshop held in 1998 to commemorate a wide industrial/academic undertaking devoted to CafeOBJ. The venture concerned greater than forty humans from greater than 10 organizations, of which 6 are business. The workshop attracted approximately 30 talks and greater than 70 attendees.

The papers within the booklet in spite of the fact that, are both seriously revised models provided on the workshop, to mirror fresh developments or study; or thoroughly new ones, written in particular for this booklet. during this regard, the ebook isn't a traditional postpublication after a workshop. additionally, even though it is a compendium of papers which are regarding CafeOBJ, the publication isn't a handbook, reference, or instructional of CafeOBJ. most likely the simplest description is that it's a selection of papers that examine tips on how to use, or to make it effortless to exploit, CafeOBJ. Reflecting the varied nature of the undertaking and its individuals (most of the authors are members to the project), the papers, prepare, supply a finished photograph from this methodological perspective.

a few papers care for a variety of complicated elements of the language, akin to rewriting common sense and behavioural good judgment. For rewriting common sense, a few major functions have been suggested. particularly, UML, now thought of de facto ordinary language for modelling structures, is the topic of 1 paper. For behavioural common sense, new methodological directions are offered. a few papers shed new gentle on a extra conventional paradigm within the language; order-sorted equational standards. One paper, specifically, care for how to affiliate CafeOBJ with object-oriented programming. the opposite papers take care of environments for writing and vertifying requisites written in CafeOBJ. Underlying these papers are significant concerns: consumer interfaces for manipulating necessities, and systematic helps for proofs. all of the environments defined within the papers suppose and help dispensed computing, and de facto typical community applied sciences, similar to WWW and http, are integrated.

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2 Scalar Types 45 it would be illegal to make the assignment start_year := today; Even though the number 9 is a member of the type year, in context it is treated as being of type day_of_month, which is incompatible with type year. This type rule helps us to avoid inadvertently mixing numbers that represent different kinds of things. If we wish to use an arithmetic expression to specify the bounds of the range, the values used in the expression must be locally static; that is, they must be known when the model is analyzed.

Many of the arithmetic operators can be applied to physical types, but with some restrictions. The addition, subtraction, identity and negation operators can be applied to values of physical types, in which case they yield results that are of the same type as the operand or operands. A value of a physical type can be multiplied by a number of type integer or real to yield a value of the same physical type, for example: 5mm*6 = 30mm 50 chapter two Scalar Data Types, Natures a n d Operations A value of a physical type can be divided by a number of type integer or real to yield a value of the same physical type.

A descriptive comment The c o m m e n t extends from the two dashes to the end of the line and may include any text w e wish, since it is not formally part of the VHDL-AMS model. The code of a model can include blank lines and lines that only contain comments, starting with two dashes. We can write long comments on successive lines, each starting with two dashes, for example: -- The f o l l o w i n g c o d e m o d e l s -- the flicker n o i s e o f the circuit ... some VHDL-AMS code... Identifiers Identifiers are used to name items in a VHDL-AMS model.

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