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By Judith Herrin

Byzantium. The identify inspires grandeur and exoticism--gold, crafty, and complexity. during this precise publication, Judith Herrin unveils the riches of a really assorted civilization. keeping off a typical chronological account of the Byzantine Empire's millennium--long historical past, she identifies the elemental questions about Byzantium--what it was once, and what specified importance it holds for us today.

Bringing the most recent scholarship to a common viewers in obtainable prose, Herrin focuses every one brief bankruptcy round a consultant subject matter, occasion, monument, or historic determine, and examines it in the complete sweep of Byzantine history--from the root of Constantinople, the exceptional capital urban outfitted by way of Constantine the good, to its seize via the Ottoman Turks.

She argues that Byzantium's the most important function because the jap defender of Christendom opposed to Muslim growth in the course of the early center a while made Europe--and the trendy Western world--possible. Herrin captivates us together with her discussions of all points of Byzantine tradition and society. She walks us in the course of the advanced ceremonies of the imperial court docket. She describes the transcendent good looks and tool of the church of Hagia Sophia, in addition to chariot races, monastic spirituality, international relations, and literature. She finds the interesting worlds of army usurpers and ascetics, eunuchs and courtesans, and artisans who shaped the silks, icons, ivories, and mosaics so effortlessly linked to Byzantine art.

An cutting edge heritage written by way of considered one of our ideal students, Byzantium finds this nice civilization's upward thrust to army and cultural supremacy, its impressive destruction through the Fourth campaign, and its revival and ultimate conquest in 1453.

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