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By Will L. Graver

Garver's vintage Occult novel, initially released in 1894. The reader is swept besides Alphonso Colono as unusual adventures, coindences, and happenings stalk his each circulation!

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With wondrous power her voice rises and falls in almost celestial harmony as she sings that great love song, “Utopian Lovers,” each word carrying with it the power of a virgin heart. Under its soul-soothing power I forgot my agitation, and, entranced, was only aroused as the last words died away, followed by a deafening roar of applause. ” I cried, as she disappeared, “that is my long-lost mother, whom for years I have thought dead. I cannot be in error. ” “Alphonso, what ails you? Your mother died eight years ago.

Twelve chimes told the beginning of another day. One ? two ? three, and still I rolled and tossed, my mind run wild ? beyond control. Four. At last I sank into a troubled sleep; and, as though to add still greater mystery to that already around me, I dreamed, as eight years before I had of monastery court among mountains wild. But this time it was my father who was led by monks in robes of indigo before the Radiant One. And, as before, a fog came over the scene and left the end unknown; and I was lost in sleep.

Holding back the curtain with his left hand, in his right he held a golden wand made like a winged Caduceus, while upon his forehead was a golden sign of Mercury. The figure on the left was a woman, a Venus in all her beauty. The golden sign of Venus on her forehead seemed to scintillate, and the winged globe, sky-blue in color, that rested in her hand seemed to be a thing of life. The foreground in front of the curtain was black, and in the vapors of a BROTHER OF THE THIRD DEGREE 38 smothering smoke were hosts of horrid creatures overshadowing three groups, representing war, pestilence and famine.

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