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Critical appraisal of the literature on beer and cancer reveals great inconsistency. The principal source of calories in beer is alcohol. Most beers do not contain residual sugar in sizeable amounts, although they may contain some larger carbohydrates. The “beer belly” is a myth and speaks to the overall lifestyle of many beer consumers. Beer as a source of iron is also a myth: iron damages beer quality and brewers seek to avoid its presence in beer. Some proteins in beer, like wheat proteins, may be a risk for celiac sufferers.

We should expect it to be afforded the same menu space as wine. Beers used to be widely advertised on a health platform, but these days that is not allowed in many parts of the world. Remarkably, though, we know more than ever that beer is far from being empty calories. It is perhaps the richest source of assimilable silicate in the diet, which is one of the reasons why moderate consumption of alcohol counters the risk of osteoporosis. com The Suggested Reading for this lecture is Charles W. Bamforth’s Beer: Tap into the Art and Science of Brewing, pp.

Signs of the Times Unsurprisingly, the introduction of official prohibiAn advertisement for “tempertion prompted the growth in illegal homebrewing ance beer” in Los Angeles and and of the “bootlegging” and “speakeasy” culture. a “repeal” license plate that By 1933, opinion in the United States had changed became popular in many cities during the late 1920s. 2 percent alcohol by weight. On April 7, 1933, the Twenty-First Amendment to the United States Constitution saw a repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment.

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