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There is also Miss WOMEN,SEXUALITYANDTHEFAMILY Wisk, who in chapter 30 of the novel talks much of 'woman's mission'. Subsequent feminist critiques of Bleak House, while not ignoring these direct references to the role and position of women, have paid more and more attention to what we can refer to as more implicit comments on attitudes regarding women. Dickens's view and treatment of women is a massive topic, covering not just the books he wrote but also his private and public relations with women.

Note that this interpretation is the reverse of that which sees Tulkinghorn as completely subordinate to his profession: this sees his professional activity as completely subservient to his inner drive for power. Where one critic sees the invasion of the 43 44 CRITICSDEBATE private self by the public self, Mrs Leavis sees the reverse. What is, significantly, not disputed is that it is with regard to the relationship between the public and the private that the clue to Mr Tulkinghorn may lie. Mr Guppy Let us turn to another member of the legal profession, Mr Guppy.

Many first-time readers must finish a careful and enjoyable reading of the novel without having been conscious of this element in the novel. But it is arguable that, even when the reader does not consciously register these intricate patterns of sun-shade reference in the novel, he or she is none-the-less affected by them. 233). And if the latter example is overt enough 55 56 CRITICSDEBATE to strike the reader, then the reference to a 'shade' crossing Ada's face on the first page of the next chapter may also set off bells in the reader's mind.

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