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B. Boar, J. F. McGhie, and D. H. R. Barton, I: C. S. Chem. , 1972, 383. 29 Biosynthesis of Triterpenes, Steroids, and Carotenoids oxygen. ~~ The overall enzymic activity of demethylation of C-4 methyl sterols (R-CH, -+ RH CO,) can be referred to as methylsterol demethylase. This encompasses three enzymes :74 (i) methylsterol oxidase(amixedfunction oxidase),R(3p-OH)-CH, -+ R(3P-OH)-CO2H, COZYand (iii) 3-keto(ii) decarboxylase, R(3fLOH)CO2H -+ R(3=O)H steroid reductase, R(3=O) -+ R(3P-OH). Evidence has been obtained for the presence of an endogenous, NAD '-dependent cytochrome b,-reducing system in rat liver micro some^,^^ which appears to obtain reducing equivalents via a microsomal alcohol dehydrogenase.

The second is the consumption of food, but not necessarily the absorption of a nutrient from the diet. The presence of the first stimulus means that interpretation of much of the earlier work should be re-assessed. Kinetic studies15 and measurements of the turnover rate of HMG-CoA reductase using cycloheximidef6 are in agreement with previous studiesi7 l3 l4 l5 '' 17 L. W. White and H. S. Shepherd and R. Booth, Biochem. , 1971,125, 39P. B. Middleton and P. K. 27; B. Middleton, Biochem. , ibid..

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