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Great is the excitement felt by the man up in the tree when he lifts the hive off its branch and discovers that it is extremely heavy, which means a good crop of honey is about to be removed. The bees usually build their brood nest at the bottom end of the hive, near the entrance, and then work grastart dually up towards the higher, wider end, and finally storing honey at the top portion, so this is the end that the Smoke is used quite extenbeekeeper opens to remove the crop. sively. When a beekeeper finds it necessary to move a hive of bees from its existing site to a new location, he will cover both ends of the hive with thin calico and then carry the hive to the new site, hang it up, and remove the calico from either end.

This is allowed to dry, and the hives can be painted in the traditional white colour. Galvanized wire-mesh screening with 5 meshes to the inch is This also tends to keep the bees used for queen excluders. from storing pollen in the supers. and a 15-gallon settling tank and bottle A honey extractor, filler, were made with the help of the station blacksmith. The smoker, an absolutely essential item, was made in the writer's own workshop. Hive stands are of heavy, rough lumber treated Concrete (creosote) against rot and termites.

3. Honey quality is improved, since pollen and brood combs are not kncluded with the harvested honey. 4. A fairly high yield of beeswax is maintained, since the honey combs are not returned to the hive, as they are with the frame hive. 5. The hive is simple, easy to construct in comparison to the frame hive. 60 and relatively cheap, Conclusion 6. If necessary a queen excluder, made of coffee wire with five squares per inch, can be used in the centre of the hive to separate the honey from the brood.

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