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By Ingeborg Hinz, Karl Koeber, Irmingard Kreuzbichler, Peter Kuhn, Arnulf Seidel (auth.), Ingeborg Hinz, Hans Karl Kugler, Joachim Wagner (eds.)

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S. A. 19443428). [28] Deutsche GoLd- und SiLber-ScheideanstaLt, vorm. RoessLer (Brit. 384926 [1932/33] 1/3; C. 1933 I 2295). [29] R. H. S. A. 1943 1838). 4 With Aqueous CO 2 A beryllium bearing pegmatite (VaL MusuL, Bozen) was heated at 850 to 900 °C for 10 h. ground with water until it passed a fine sieve, decanted, and dried in the air. A vigorousLy stirred (> 100 r/min) suspension of 5 kg of the dry powder in very pure water containing about 50 g (NH 4bC0 3 per 10 kg H20 was treated with CO 2 for severaL days.

75 [1971] No. 120337). [7] B. Wempe (Ger. 651471 [1933/37]; C. 1938 I 3373). 2 With Alkali Fluorides, CaF2 , FeF3 , and ZnF2 CompLete and rapid conversion of the BeO component of beryL into BeF2 was accomplished by treating the fineLy ground «74 mm) ore in a fluidized state with vaporized NH4HF2 at 450 to 600 OC under atmospheric pressure. A highLy pure product resulted when about 95% of the BeO in the beryL had reacted [1]. The BeO in beryL or other beryLLium mineraLs was converted into (NH4)2BeF4 by heating with about half or sLightly more than half of the stoichiometric amount of NH4F or NH4HF2 at 250 to 660°C in a cLosed vessel.

12] A. I. Kakorin (Qbogashch. A. 69 [1968] No. R. A. 67 [1967] No. 56305). [13] W. R. S. Bur. Mines Rept. Invest. No. A. 19474067). 1 Chemical Decomposition of Beryllium Minerals With Clorinating Agents Coarsely ground beryl can be chlorinated with dry gaseous Cl 2 at 900 DC in an Ni reaction vessel lined with gOld. The gaseous reaction products containing BeCl 2 , AlCl 3 , and other volatile chlorides can be separated from each other by fractional condensation, Fink [1]. A ceramic reaction vessel and temperatures above 1000 DC were employed by Kangro, Lindner [2]; see also Spitzin [3].

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