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By Humberto Nagera

The libido concept is without doubt one of the significant components of curiosity in psychoanalysis. Freud’s insights during this box were greatly utilized and utilized by psychoanalysts, grownup and baby psychiatrists, psychologists, educationalists, specialists on baby improvement and social workers.

They have thrown gentle at the general and irregular elements of sexual improvement from early life to maturity and at the position performed by way of sexual improvement in neurotic disturbances. additional they've got made attainable an knowing of the advanced box of sexual perversions.

Originally released in 1969, during this quantity the reader will locate twenty-four simple psychoanalytic thoughts in regards to the libido idea together with oral erotism, anal erotism, phallic erotism, genital erotism, the Oedipus advanced of the woman, the Oedipus complicated of the boy, autoerotism, narcissism, masochism, sadism and bisexuality.

As within the different volumes during this sequence, the ancient improvement of every proposal and references to Freud’s works are essentially given in order that scholars and students can pursue any element of exact interest.

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But it is just possible that at a still earlier date he had been in the habit of giving himself this pleasure autoerotically — that he had been one of those children who like retaining their excreta till they can derive a voluptuous sensation from their evacuation. ’3 In relation to the sexual use of the anal orifice Freud wrote the following: ‘Where the anus is concerned it becomes still clearer that it is disgust which stamps that sexual aim as a perversion. , p. 185 f. , p. 187. , Vol. 10, p.

Symbolic representation in dreams are exemplified by sweet things and sweetmeat stand regularly for caresses or sexual gratification. , Vol. 7, p. 131 f. , p. 150. , Vol. 17, p. 106 f. , Vol. 7, p. 52. , p. 47 f. , Vol. 7, p. 182. , p. 166, cf. p. 169. , Vol. 11, p. 214 ff. , Vol. 9, pp. 1 Perversions. 2 Among male inverts there are ‘restrictions of sexual aim— to the point of its being limited to simple outpourings of emotion— are commoner among them than among heterosexual lovers. 4 Abraham gives Freud credit for the first important step towards the discovery of the main mechanism operative in melancholia, viz.

31 T H E L I B I D O T HE OR Y elimination and excretion. 1 (c) The phallic zone. The close connection of the glans and clitoris with micturition is evident. According to Freud they do not play the opening part and ‘cannot be the vehicle of the oldest sexual impulses but are destined to great things in the future’ . . 2 5. 4 6. The relationship between erotogenic zones and component instincts There is a close connection between the concept erotogenic zones and that of the component instincts. Freud assumed that in most cases a given component instinct did arise from a specific erotogenic zone.

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