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By John Pohl, Angus McBride

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Around advert 1450 a brand new Mexican state emerged referred to as the Aztec Empire of the Triple Alliance. They succeeded in making themselves the main strong and feared civilisation within the Americas. The Mixtec and Zapotec peoples have been contemporaries of the Aztec countries, and either shaped alliances and fought many wars opposed to them. With Angus McBride's ordinary caliber paintings on 8 complete web page color plates, plus lots of different illustrations from quite a few resources, this paintings via John Pohl investigates the heritage, uniforms and weaponry of Aztec, Mixtec and Zapotec armies.

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P. 17.  Giry, Manuel de diplomatique, p. 494. It was imported there either from Egypt or, more probably, from Sicily (where the Arabs had introduced its manufacture) by the shipping of the Byzantine cities of the South of the Peninsula, or by that of Venice, which will be discussed in Chap. III. The Ninth Century 19 the economic life of the inland regions which had been nourished through her intermediary was definitely extinguished. By the ninth century Provence, once the richest country of Gaul, had become the poorest.

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Here, then, is quite enough to support the conclusion that Merovingian times knew, thanks to the continuance of Mediterranean shipping and the intermediary of Marseilles, what we may safely call a great commerce. It would certainly be an error to assume that the dealings of the oriental merchants of Gaul were restricted solely to articles of luxury. Probably the sale of jewelry, enamels and silk stuffs resulted in handsome profits, but this would not be enough to explain their number and their extraordinary diffusion throughout all the country.

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