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By Bob Albrecht, LeRoy Finkel, Jerald R. Brown

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19 (2+3)*(4+5) = 45 Compute 2 + 3, then compute 4 + 5, and then multiply these two results. Complete the following. 125 29 21. Let's take another look at the order in which arithmetic is done. In the expressions below, the numbers in the circles show the order in which the operations are carried out. Write the final value for each expression. The operations are always done in the innermost set of parentheses first. 375 25 16 ATARI BASIC 22. Your next task is to write a proper PRINT statement to tell the computer to compute and print the value of each expression listed below.

4E+llil What's this? Our AT ARI computer printed 40 billion as a jloating point number. Read it as follows. 4E + 10 4E + 10 = four times ten to the ninth power, or = 4 X 1010 Floating point notation is simply a shorthand way of expressing very large or very small numbers. In floating point notation, a number is represented by a mantissa and an exponent. 4E+1O tY Exponent Mantissa The mantissa and the exponent are separated by the letter ______ E NOTE: In typing numbers into the computers, we may not use commas as we normally do when writing numerals.

After listing the program, the computer types READY to let us know it is our turn again. If there is no program stored, the computer will simply type READY. How do we tell the computer to type out the program that is currently stored in its memory? ________________________ - - - - - 1- - - - - We type LIST and press the RETURN key. 14. BASIC program lets us know whether or not a program is stored in the computer's memory. We may want to add more statements to the program. Or we may wish to see if we have typed the statements correctly.

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