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Murmur the Song of OS and practice OS. 3. " While inhaling, mentally sing the mantra of the Rune. Feel the flow of Rune energies, and experience the Runes within yourself. 4. Send your progress report to your Rune Master and write about your experiences. Please enclose donation for your next lesson. PREVIEW FOR THE NEXT LESSON: THE RUNE Candles and their use is simple Runic rituals. Lesson 5 Home 46 RIT lesson05 Letter of Instructions # 5 The Rune RIT by Karl Hans Welz With RIT, the fifth Rune of the Sacred Futhork, I am going to introduce you to the basics of ritual and ceremonial in general and of Runic ceremonies in particular.

It is valid for the realm of chemical reactions of matter. The fact that we do no know of anything material which we could not express with chemical formulas does not mean the symbolism of chemistry constitutes some kind of allencompassing world-mapping, or world-formula, which may be used to describe everything, from life functions to nuclear explosions. Chemical formulas can describe some aspects of all those phenomena. Similarly, we may state that we do not know of anything that does not have aspects that we can describe with the symbolisms of physics, astrology, mathematics, the cabalistic symbolism, etc.

9. Recognizing your True Ego, which is unencumbered by everyday distraction, and getting in touch with your Higher Self in the practice of Runic Empowerment as experienced in your initiations. 10. Expansion of your consciousness into the realms of the Cosmic-Divine and active participation in the process of Creation-Eternal. Only the power of truth, the power of true thought, the power of responsible directed will, the power of well-managed emotions, will lead us to the original realms of creation-eternal.

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