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In March 1933, Franklin Delano Roosevelt eventually grew to become the nation's thirty-second president. the guy swept in via a landslide 4 months previous now took cost of a rustic within the grip of panic because of financial disaster. although not anyone but knew it-not even Roosevelt-it used to be an intensive second in the USA.

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Across thousands of miles to the far north were hardy peoples such as the Inuit (IH-noo-it) of Greenland. These groups lived in houses of ice and survived by hunting walrus, seals, and whales. Thousands of miles to the south, some 1,000 tribal groups lived in the steaming Amazon river basin, a place where it was so hot that people wore little more than loincloths. Though most Native American peoples were not civilized, their cultures were far from simple. An anthropologist could devote an entire lifetime to studying the layout of family huts in the Amazon, where parts of the dwelling were reserved for males or females, for family or guests, and for various bodily functions.

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