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By Kenneth P. Bowman

Content material:

, Pages xi-xii

, Page xiii
1 - Introduction

, Pages 3-7
2 - IDL Manuals and Books

, Pages 9-12
3 - Interactive IDL

, Pages 13-31,I
4 - IDL Scripts (Batch Jobs)

, Pages 33-38
5 - Integer Constants and Variables

, Pages 39-48
6 - Floating-Point Constants and Variables

, Pages 49-58
7 - utilizing Arrays

, Pages 59-76
8 - looking and Sorting

, Pages 77-82
9 - Structures

, Pages 83-90
10 - Printing Text

, Pages 93-100
11 - studying Text

, Pages 101-105
12 - Writing and studying Binary Files

, Pages 107-114
13 - studying NetCDF Files

, Pages 115-125
14 - Writing NetCDF Files

, Pages 127-133
15 - systems and Functions

, Pages 137-151
16 - software Control

, Pages 153-157
17 - Line Graphs

, Pages 161-170
18 - Contour and floor Plots

, Pages 171-179
19 - Mapping

, Pages 181-191
20 - Printing Graphics

, Pages 193-200
21 - colour and snapshot Display

, Pages 201-218,II-V
22 - Animation

, Pages 219-224
23 - information and Pseudorandom Numbers

, Pages 227-235
24 - Interpolation

, Pages 237-246,VI-VII
25 - Fourier Analysis

, Pages 247-262,VIII
Appendix A - An IDL kind Guide

, Pages 263-270
Appendix B - instance approaches, features, Scripts, and knowledge Files

, Pages 271-276

, Page 277

, Pages 279-286

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Sample text

The array-oriented approach is much easier to read, understand, and program correctly. Second, the first version is much slower than the second. ’ In this script, the input and output arrays x, y, and z are created. Then the time is compared for the FOR loop and the array syntax by calculating the elapsed time with the SYSTIME function. (This includes only the time to do the arithmetic operation, omitting the time required to allocate the arrays in See the SYSTIME function in IDL Reference Guide.

11111110 11111111 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 254 255 When you type x = 15B, IDL will translate the decimal number 15 into a 1-byte internal binary representation (00001111). The value represented by the characters 15B is a constant. It is, obviously, always equal to 15. Because its value can be changed, the quantity indicated by the name x is a variable. 5. Whatever the number of bits used, there are two main things to watch out for when using integer data types. The first is that there is a limited range of numbers that can be represented.

9223372036854775807 How long would it take to count from 0 to 263 ? 7 Converting One Integer Type to Another In some cases IDL will automatically convert one type to another. For example, IDL> x = 20000S IDL> help, x X INT IDL> print, 2*x 40000 IDL> help, 2*x LONG = 20000 = 40000 Because we used the COMPILE_OPT IDL2 statement in our startup file, the default integer type is LONG. Therefore, the constant 2 is treated as a LONG. Before the multiplication with x is carried out, x is converted to a LONG.

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