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Port Washington, big apple

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I would almost affirm that it would make an era m the art. It is as ideal as an antique DROWNE'S WOODEN IMAGE 83 statue, and yet as real as any lovely woman whom one meets at fireside or in the street. " "Not paint her 1" exclaimed Captain IJ unnewell, who stood by· "not paint tl1e figurehead of the Cynosure 1 And wh~t sort of a figure should I cut in a foreign port with such an unpainted oaken stick as th is over my prow? " "Mr. Copley," said Drowne, quietly, "I know nothing of marble statuary, and nothing of the sculptor's rules of art· but of this wooden image, this work of my hands, this creature of my heart"-and here his voice faltered and choked in a very singular manner -"of this-of her-!

But the great scope of his business lay in the manufacture of figureheads for vessels. Whether it were the monarch himsel£, or some famous Brihsh admiral or general, or the governor of the province, or perchance the favorite daughter of the ship-owner, there the image stood above the prow, decked out in gorgeous colors, magnificently gilded, and staring the DROWNE'S WOODEN IMAGE 77 ntcnancc as if {rom an innate whole world out of cou c'riority These speci. of its own sup · . II consc1ousness 1 d crossed the sea 111 a mens of native sculptur~ ·,~ably noticed among the directions, ~nd.

The world looks darker now that she has vanished," said some of the young men. But the aged, whose recollections dated as far back as witch times, shook their heads, and hinted that our forefathers would have thought it a pious deed to burn the daughter of the oak with fire. " He accordingly entered the shop; and there, in her usual corner, stood the image, gazing at him, as it might seem, with the very same expression of mirthful mischief that had been the farewell look of the appariti on when, but a moment before, she turned her face toward the crowd.

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