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Ud SDI3 1412 occurs and u t is fairly common do. 1422. 7 avlt-/avut- 'to comfort, console', f&b 1 7 ; oyut- ditto 116; a v u t - Nahc. 107. 4; Kom. ) ditto C C G ; G r . 268: K I P . xrv a w u t - 'to comlnrt' (pijola) a crying child' Id. 25: O s m . xv avtt- 'to comfort' T T S I I 68. )'; pcc. to Xak. v. Xak. I 273 (evdl:r, evd1:me:k): K B ( I composed the whole of thir book in eighteen months) iidiirdiim a d l r d ~ r ns o z evdip tere 'I chose, picked out, and collected what I had to say' 6624.

Yolug u k a r l a r texts it also has the same metaph. meanings 'they do not know [the way and direction], nor as Ar. g. 'celestial mansion'. 1. 0. Srrv. 528, 2-3; Tif. development e w > iiw > iiwi > iiy; uy, 48a. 3 ; USp. 102, 33-9; in a long list in T T less often By, is the normal form in all modem VZI 40. or lay sister' the words a p nyagllg a p undergone further distortions, and SW where ... ... e v still survit-es, as it & ~ c ssporndicnlly clscwhere. T h e phr. e v b a r k 'dwelling and rnovable propertp' is common, particularly in the early period.

2 1 (3) (c). synonymous with. Code letter, para. 15. $eyh Suleyman, para. 35. N E language, para. 57. Sine-usu inscription, para. 2 1 (I). TTS Talas Tar. Tara Tat. Tef. Tel. Ti*. Tkm. Tob. Trans. Tris. Tub. Turki Turku Tuv. inscription of (VU) Tofiukuk, para, zo ( I ) (a). Tiirkiyat AIemuasr I V, para. 2 I (3) (c). Tflrkirche Turfantexte, para. 20 (2) (e). Taniklariyle Tarama SiizIi@i, para. 55. inscriptions near River Talas, para. zo (2) (c). T a r a n ~ lS , E dialect, para. 58. N E dialect, para.

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