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By Philip Wylie

A daring and provocative indictment of our sleek international. "...this publication will most likely offend as many various different types of humans and as many issues of view as any oather booklet in print." - the hot Yorker

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It is the individual of whom the mass is composed, and if he is of poor character, the group will have that quality. It cannot be improved at the top of the species, as communists and tories alike maintain and churchmen, too, in effect, any more than a swarm of bees or a school of fish can be improved in their natures by the arbitrary interference of a few bees or fish, however novel their behavior. However altruistic or idealist. The individual represents the whole. To be changed, he must change himself.

Where the blend of nature separates does not matter to the present consideration. A time comes when he says: I did it. Then something happens, and he says, It was not my fault. Then he is at fault, but he says to himself, My sister pushed me. He knows for a moment he was to blame, but one part of his brain convinces another part of the falsehood that his sister pushed him. He accepts the conviction and disavows the fact because the conviction flatters part of him and emancipates part of him from the responsibility inherent in the truth.

And it is the oldest-that we are the Center of the Universe--the stupidity of which we know today. Shall we not also revise the accompanying stupidity of the idea that we are the one, incarnate, absolute center of God Almighty? It behooves us to call off the old talk about God. It behooves us, for the same reason, to re-embrace Instinct, so we may no longer pretend to scribble every truth on blank Russians or Americans or Englishmen. It is time to adopt morals germane with our sciences: Instinct, Conscience, the Collective Unconscious, the Paired and Opposite Archetypes we contain and represent, and the function of consciousness as it may be evolved by these.

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