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Flatboats on the Ohio needed to be this size since the river narrowed at the Louisville site to a width of about 15 feet, creating the Falls of the Ohio, which were actually a series of rapids. The American Frontier Since the flatboats had no means of propulsion, they were meant to float down-stream only. Maneuvering such an awkward craft was done with three long sweeps, or large paddles, sometimes called broadhorns. The other two were placed on either side. Sometimes a fourth sweep was included, placed at the bow, or front, of the boat.

S. government would require the writing of a treaty made available to the public. On the surface, the act appeared to indicate the will of the government to negotiate with Native Americans in good faith in the future. © Milliken Publishing Company But the act was soon misused and abused. A raging bitterness continued to develop among Ohio tribes until they finally took military action of their own. By 1790, such tribes as the Shawnees, Delawares, and others united under Chief Little Turtle. A year later, in November 1791, the same Indians crushed forces led by General Arthur St.

By 1837, 200 American railroads had either been built or were on the drawing boards. Earlier successful lines, such as the B&O, the Camden and Amboy, and the Charleston and Hamburg, had sparked interest in steam-powered trains. The IC would lay 700 miles of track in six years, and would connect lines running from Wisconsin through Illinois, to Cairo, where the Mississippi and Ohio rivers join. The arrival of the railroad in Chicago caused the town to develop quickly, making it one of the largest in the Midwest today.

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