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By Ayun Halliday

Ayun Halliday explores the hi-octane underbelly of the budget friendly backpacker way of life From drug-induced Apocalypse Now re-enactments in Vietnam, difficulty within the pink mild district in Amsterdam to an unforeseen come across on a camel in Pushkar, Ayun deals an armchair portal at the event of the shoestring visitor. With a knack for placing herself in to weird and wonderful occasions around the world, Ayun stocks the trip tales such a lot are too self-conscious to bare.

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So, Amsterdam wasn’t shaping up to be the hootenanny I’d envisioned. Soon, I would be having a bang-up time in Africa. Until then, I would write in my journal, take photographs of bicycles parked alongside the freezing canals, and consume several thousand calories every morning at breakfast. On the day of my departure, I popped around to the Bulldog but imbibed nothing stronger than coffee. I didn’t want to freak out and lose my sense of direction, forget the name of the houseboat, miss my plane.

She showed no signs of wearing down. She would keep it up until she got the camera or beat me to a pulp, whichever came second. I pictured myself lying broken and bloody on the sidewalk, my orthodontia smashed. Detained in a police station, no one to bail me out but Art and Tal, the owners of houseboat Prudencia. Unconscious in a hospital bed, robbed of all identifying documents! I was going to miss my plane to Africa! A circle of onlookers had formed around us. They were all men. Their jaws slack and eyes glassy, they watched our struggle impassively.

His-and-her easy chairs were stationed near the TV, a basket of knitting within easy reach of one. “This is where you eat breakfast,” the man said, nodding at a 35 A SARONG IN MY BACKPACK chunky wooden table. A prim vase of silk flowers was centered on a doily. The flowers were apricot and Wedgwood blue. “Sausages, toast, eggs, bacon, porridge, butter, jam, coffee or tea, juice, cereal,” the houseboat owner enumerated as he led me to the bow, where the guest rooms were located. “This was my son’s room.

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