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The old man killed himself. ’ smiled the bald-headed man. ‘Something like that,’ said Feltham, unimpressed by the attempted joke. ’ Perry gave another dismissive gesture. ’ ‘I’ll look after him,’ promised Perry. ‘It’s been a good lunch. ’ Feltham rose but remained standing at the table. ’ ‘An absolute bastard,’ agreed Perry. ’ queried Rodgers. ‘Until I get the name,’ insisted Bentley. ‘The place is a fucking goldfish bowl. ’ ‘Directly after the magistrate’s hearing. ’ ‘No,’ said Bentley. ’ Chapter Six Jennifer was totally exhausted, eyes sunk into black-ringed hollows, skin so numb it tingled and was sensitive to touch, as if it had been burned.

She kept on at me all night,’ Jennifer announced, as the solicitor came into her room. She saw one of the two departing policewomen shaking her head. ’ Perry didn’t think he’d shown any reaction but supposed there must have been something. He felt a twitch of pity, despite what she’d done: mentally sick people weren’t responsible for their actions, however horrifying. ‘It’s not! ’ Perry didn’t think he would have recognized the gaunt, cadaverous-faced woman lying on the bed in front of him as the svelte, sophisticated person photographed and named as Jennifer Lomax in that morning’s newspapers.

No-one’s admitted anything yet,’ cautioned Rodgers. ‘Wait,’ cautioned Bentley. ’ Chapter Seven Rebecca Nicholls was slim and blond and enjoyed the effect she had upon men, particularly upon those to whom she was clearly unavailable, as she was to this overconfident policeman who’d emphasized his rank and held the handshake too long and dressed like an upmarket car salesman. In other circumstances she might have amused herself with this encounter but this afternoon these most definitely weren’t the circumstances.

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