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By Burton D. Fisher

Burton D. Fisher's accomplished heritage of opera that strains every one milestone and metamorphosis within the evolution of recent opera. All classes are analysed extensive: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Bel Canto, Opera Buffa, German Romanticism, Wagner and song drama, Verismo, post-Romanticism, Atonalism, and lots more and plenty extra. all of the 17 operas that represents a "milestone" in opera heritage is gifted with crucial Characters within the Opera; short tale Synopsis; tale Narrative with song spotlight Examples; and Burton D. Fisher's insightful and extensive statement and research.

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If anything, Calzabigi’s poem of Orfeo was a lyric drama with inherent nuances in its declamatory elements, and craftsmanlike alternations of pace and vocal inflections: an aggregation of flowery descriptions and similes that eloquently conveyed the poet’s impassioned moralizing. Even though the poem contained heartfelt language, it became the quality of Gluck’s A History of Opera: Milestones and Metamorphoses Page 40 music — dutifully faithful to the text — that saved Calzabigi’s very fine poem from oblivion.

And the following year, he composed the music for Orfeo ed Euridice: he was a late developer, composing his greatest work at the age of forty-eight. ) O pera in the mid-eighteenth century claimed to represent the spirit of ancient Greece. But in Gluck’s perception, it had become cliché-ridden with Metastasian formulas, undramatic, and dominated by vain, posturing singers. Gluck damned the conventions of his contemporary opera, its excesses and inherent absurdities, At that midpoint in the eighteenth century, the Baroque genre was being superseded by a new inspiration toward Classicism, a trend toward simplicity rather than ornateness.

Lully was a skilled and exacting musical dramatist: he innovated the “tragédie lyrique,” or “tragédie en musique,” dramatic operatic settings of serious themes that normally contained a prologue plus five acts, their subjects drawn from Greek mythology or chivalrous romance. Lully established specific traditions that departed significantly from the existing Italian styles of the opera seria: he placed greater emphasis on complex stage settings, developed the ballet, and utilized choruses extensively.

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