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By Luc Ferry

From the undying knowledge of the traditional Greeks to Christianity, the Enlightenment, existentialism, and postmodernism, Luc Ferry’s fast vintage brilliantly and accessibly explains the long-lasting teachings of philosophy—including its profound relevance to trendy everyday life and its crucial position in attaining happiness and dwelling a significant lifestyles. This energetic trip throughout the nice thinkers will enlighten each reader, old and young.

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The Plots Against the President

In March 1933, Franklin Delano Roosevelt ultimately turned the nation's thirty-second president. the guy swept in via a landslide 4 months previous now took cost of a rustic within the grip of panic attributable to monetary disaster. even though nobody but knew it-not even Roosevelt-it was once an intensive second in the United States.

Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea: Why the Greeks Matter

In crusing the Wine-Dark Sea, his fourth quantity to discover “the hinges of history,” Thomas Cahill escorts the reader on one other entertaining—and traditionally unassailable—journey throughout the landmarks of paintings and bloodshed that outlined Greek tradition approximately 3 millennia in the past.

The Franco-Prussian War 1870-1871 (Essential Histories, Volume 51)

The Franco-Prussian warfare broke out in 1870 whilst Bismarck engineered a battle with the French moment Empire less than Napoleon III. This was once a part of his wider political technique of uniting Prussia with the southern German states, aside from Austria. The struggle used to be an overpowering Prussian victory, and King Wilhelm i used to be proclaimed Emperor of the recent united Germany.

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Truman became convinced that Stalin was planning world conquest and that the only thing the Soviets would understand was force. The United States' 'trump card', the atomic bomb, became a vital factor. On 16]uly 1945, the eve of the Potsdam Conference, the first atomic bomb was tested at Alamogordo in the New Mexico desert. Truman was informed immediately of its success and, five days later, learned that it was far more destructive than previously thought and would be ready for combat use soon. Churchill noted that Truman was a changed man- he was delighted with the United States' new power.

The existence of the wall succeeded in stopping the flood of defectors to the West but did not prevent some from trying to escape. In Berlin today there is a museum dedicated to Checkpoint Charlie where the tales of escapees are told. Some managed to escape by tunnelling; some by swimming where the border ran along the Tetlow canal. Some managed to climb the wall, hoping the East German guards would deliberately take poor aim when ordered to fire at them. Insight One famous photograph by Peter Leibing caught the escape of a 19-year-old East German soldier, Conrad Schumann, as he jumped over the barbed wire while the Berlin Wall was being constructed.

It was an instrument for establishing Soviet control over the international communist movement. The final coup de theatre in response to the new currency was the introduction of the East Mark, which the Western governments refused to allow to be circulated in their zones in Berlin since they had no control over it. Instead they introduced the Deutsche Mark into West Berlin. Stalin's response was the Berlin blockade. THE BERLIN BLOCKADE AND AIRLIFT Insight Berlin is regarded as the centrepiece of the Cold War.

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