About Tunisha

I’m an Actor and Personal Stylist for Actors based in Los Angeles. I started Styled by Tunisha (SxT) to help actors create ready-to-wear outfits for auditions, workshops, agent meetings, and headshot sessions without breaking the bank. My goal with each client is to teach them how to capture their brand through their wardrobe.

The story of who your character is can be told through your clothes, and I make that simple for actors!

What’s your styling process like? 

To me, styling is less about telling someone what to wear and more about playing around and seeing how we can make you stand out in an authentic way that feels true to you.

I love going through my wardrobe because I love rediscovering old pieces and incorporating new ones, and I want this experience to be just as fun and exciting for you. Think of me as a friend who comes over, but we just happen to be talking about clothes that make you look good. And like a friend, I will always share my insight with you, and I will always encourage you to wear what makes you feel your best.