A Personal Stylist for Actors

Teaching actors how to capture their brand through their wardrobe for every headshot and audition

Why Are Clothes Important?

When you walk into a room, the way you dress and the way you look will say something about you before you even open your mouth. Wearing a clean, white T- Shirt? Perhaps you’re invoking the bad boy image of Danny Zuko. How about some polka dots and a pop of color? Maybe you’re channeling your inner Zooey Deschanel, the cute and quirky girl next door.

Like your actor’s resume and your reel, your wardrobe is another tool in your toolbox. You can tell the story of who you are or who your character is through your clothes. As your stylist, I will be guiding you towards clothes that capture you and your brand in a way that’s fun and comfortable. There’s a ton of research that goes into each client when it comes to branding and wardrobe: fashion trends, popular looks on TV, style, different cuts, and the shopping list goes on and on. But don’t worry. Leave that up to me.